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Poctor Applications

The Web

The Poctor network is accessible via on either traditional computers or mobile devices. There are also dedicated iOS and Android applications to enrich the user experience on mobile devices.

The Web application provides the most feature rich interface. At a glance, you can see if messages have been reviewed by the receiving party, the parties involved, the subject, message content, and attachments.

Separate menu items (along the top) are customized to the user role. As a health care provider, you can see tabs to manage Contacts, Patients, and a Media Library. As a Patient, you have access to Contacts and the Media Library.


The mobile interface is designed for both patients and providers, and functions similarly to current messaging applications, with one major difference: all data being transmitted and stored is secured on the Poctor network.

Features Include:

1.       Read Receipts

2.       Quick reply / forward

3.       Swipe to archive

4.       Print messages

5.       Attach photos from camera or gallery

6.       Off Duty (provider only feature to re-route messages)

7.       Contact Management

8.       Message escalation with VoIP